Posted on: December 6, 2010 1:09 pm

More Offseason Moves

Just thinking of some other moves the Royals could make this offseason. We need fairly cheap major league talent that we won't have to commit to for the long term as we have prospects ready to be here by this year or next that will be inexpensive and project to be very good players.

I like to look at the Oakland A's model. They sign good players to one year contracts and if the season isn't working out they trade them for top level prospects, instead of organizational depth. The Matt Holliday example stands out.

There is a free agent this year who is talented, coming off an injury, and looking for something to prove. He will be willing to sign a one year deal shouldn't cost too much. If he turns out to pitch lights out he will be great trade fodder before the deadline next summer. His name is Brad Penny. He actually looked pretty good last year before his injury. If he pitches well we can maybe turn him into another really good young player. You see guys worse than him bring some pretty decent young talent in return, such as a Joe Blanton. Not exactly Cy Young material there but an innings eater who keeps your team in the game.

With David Glass doing everything he can to keep our payroll down you have to get inventive to keep building on our already phenominally strong minor leagues. And who knows, if he pitches really well, and Zack Grienke reverts to his form from 2 years ago, assuming we don't trade him this offseason, and a couple of the young guys come up early and light it up this team could actually accidentally contend. I don't see any downside to signing him. Penny can't be choosy about who he signs with because he just needs a team to showcase what he can do.

Please everyone share your thoughts about Brad Penny or other free agents we can sign that will benefit us in ways other than just signing dead weight like we have in the past.
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Posted on: December 5, 2010 8:29 am

Royals offseason moves

If any of you become regular readers of this blog you will find I am a big fan of Rany Jazayerli's blog. (Ranyontheroyals.com) if there is actually a fan in this area who actually doesn't know about him. His latest blog was about the Royals signing Carl Crawford this offseason to a long term deal.

I have long thought that Crawford is one of the most valuable players in baseball. He is a fine hitter with decent power, his 19 home runs last year would  have let our Kansas City Royals, has incredible speed (unlike some speedsters, he actually converts this to steals), and is one of the best defensive outfielders in the game. Instead of going into all the reasons to sign him, I recommend everyone go read Rany's blog then come back here and offer your opinions. I know there will be the usual school of thought that David Glass will never spend the kind of money needed to sign a player of this caliber and you will more than likely be right. Still looking for other opinions and insights that maybe I am missing out on.

Ok, enough hot stove for today. Our Chefs are taking on the Donkeys this afternoon. Was the game 3 weeks ago a fluke? One of those bad weeks that almost every team has once or twice a year, or do they just play us that much tougher at home? Was is payback from last year when we actually got a rare win at Mile High? Or are they just a big matchup problem for US (yes Mike Golic, I referred to the team I am a fan of as us). Love Golic but get over it.

I am inclined to think the last game was a perfect storm that culminated in a humiliating defeat. Being in first place and the Broncos being down could make a team over confident, and coming off the deflating overtime loss to the Raiders could make a team come out flat. Key injuries to Dexter McCluster and John McGraw also affected our play. We (not US Mike, but means the same thing) seem to have recovered on offense to losing McCluster, and while I think we still miss McGraw on defense missing him should not kill us on a weekly basis.

I think we can control the running game today and put the Broncos in some 3rd and long situations and then the Arrowhead crowd can make itself felt. But it could be a tough day if Kyle Orton can overcome the partisan fan noise and convert some big plays. Jabar Gaffney seems to own us. But do you double him and leave Brandon Lloyd in single coverage? Denver is going to move the ball on us and score some points today and if we are going to win we need to get a couple of stops early and have the offense own the day. Denver's D is pretty weak so we need to score early and often and put the game out of reach.

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