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More Offseason Moves

Posted on: December 6, 2010 1:09 pm
Just thinking of some other moves the Royals could make this offseason. We need fairly cheap major league talent that we won't have to commit to for the long term as we have prospects ready to be here by this year or next that will be inexpensive and project to be very good players.

I like to look at the Oakland A's model. They sign good players to one year contracts and if the season isn't working out they trade them for top level prospects, instead of organizational depth. The Matt Holliday example stands out.

There is a free agent this year who is talented, coming off an injury, and looking for something to prove. He will be willing to sign a one year deal shouldn't cost too much. If he turns out to pitch lights out he will be great trade fodder before the deadline next summer. His name is Brad Penny. He actually looked pretty good last year before his injury. If he pitches well we can maybe turn him into another really good young player. You see guys worse than him bring some pretty decent young talent in return, such as a Joe Blanton. Not exactly Cy Young material there but an innings eater who keeps your team in the game.

With David Glass doing everything he can to keep our payroll down you have to get inventive to keep building on our already phenominally strong minor leagues. And who knows, if he pitches really well, and Zack Grienke reverts to his form from 2 years ago, assuming we don't trade him this offseason, and a couple of the young guys come up early and light it up this team could actually accidentally contend. I don't see any downside to signing him. Penny can't be choosy about who he signs with because he just needs a team to showcase what he can do.

Please everyone share your thoughts about Brad Penny or other free agents we can sign that will benefit us in ways other than just signing dead weight like we have in the past.
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